Family Of Kenyan Singer, Nazizi Appeal To Fans After Loss Of Her Son Jazeel


The family of Kenyan musician Nazizi Hirji has announced the devastating news of the untimely death of her son Jazeel.

The tragic incident happened on Christmas Day, December 25, 2023, at a hotel in Tanzania where the family was staying, resulting in a fatal accident.

According to a statement by the family, Jazeel was laid to rest on Wednesday, December 27, in Nairobi, in accordance with his Muslim traditions.

“The loss of Jazeel is a heart-wrenching tragedy for our family. He was a bright light extinguished too soon,” the statement read.

In the midst of this tragedy, Nazizi Hirji, still coming to terms with the profound grief of losing her son, issued a heartfelt plea to the media, fans, and the public.

She implored Kenyans to respect the sanctity of family and the preciousness of life by allowing the family the privacy and respect they need during this incomprehensible sorrow.

Nazizi stated, “In these difficult times, we ask for understanding and compassion as we navigate through the pain of losing our beloved Jazeel.”

Nazizi, speaking in honor of her son, requested a period of compassion and understanding from the public, urging restraint as the family begins the arduous process of healing.

“The support and empathy from our friends, fans, and the public mean the world to us in this difficult time,” she added.

The family emphasized the importance of refraining from direct contact, requesting that the media and the public respect their need for solitude.

“We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and ask for your understanding as we mourn the tremendous loss of Jazeel. Further details will be shared at an appropriate time,” Nazizi concluded.

Earlier in 2023, Nazizi had given her fans a glimpse into her son’s life and how she had discovered his hearing challenge.

Nazizi noticed Jazeel’s hearing impairment at 11 months old, but the diagnosis was not straightforward due to Jazeel’s ability to hear loud sounds.

Obtaining a proper hearing test was challenging, as Jazeel’s light sleep patterns complicated the process. The family struggled to find the right information on how to facilitate the test.

In February 2023, they were able to conduct the hearing test, and the diagnosis confirmed their suspicions.

Jazeel was fitted with hearing aids in March 2023, which helped him perceive environmental sounds.

The family then learned about cochlear implant surgery as a potential solution, but it presented its own challenges.

Jazeel underwent the cochlear implant surgery on August 3, 2023, a decision described by Nazizi as one of the hardest they’ve ever made.

Nazizi expressed immense pride in her son’s strength and resilience, recognizing that there may be countless parents facing similar trials without access to guidance and information.