Foluke Daramola calls for help over ailing veteran actress


Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, has issued a heartfelt plea for assistance regarding the ailing health of veteran actress, Obiqgheli Molobe.

Foluke, known for her dedication to supporting ailing veterans in the industry, has expressed concern over the deteriorating health of Obiqgheli.

During an Instagram live video, Foluke urged the public to extend financial assistance to Obiqgheli and her children, as the actress is currently battling a partial stroke.

According to Foluke, the veteran actress has already undergone surgery and has a metal implant in her leg. In addition, she has been managing diabetes and high blood pressure.

Recalling the unfortunate incident that led to her diagnosis with a partial stroke last year, Obiqgheli shared her experience of being paralyzed in her right leg and foot.

“I am a partial stroke victim. My right leg and hand were affected by the stroke. I noticed that since the incident I couldn’t use my right foot again”, the veteran said.

“She went through surgery and there is iron in her leg. She was a diabetic patient before with High Blood Pressure”, Foluke Daramola added.

Obiqgheli Molobe is renowned for her iconic motherly role in the popular series Checkmate, which starred actors RMD and Bob Manuel.