Getting married to one person doesn’t seem normal to me, I won’t do it – Wanlov opens up on marital life


Ghanaian Artist, Wanlov the Kubolor has ruled out the possibility of him getting married to any woman out of his life, despite fathering 10 children with different women.

According to the artist, the concept of marriage doesn’t make sense to him. Wanlov once got married legally in the United States somewhere in 2006, however, he says it wasn’t for him to become a husband.

During a recent interview, he confessed to marrying his wife to acquire his Green Card and he later abandoned the plan in the process.

“I feel like having a child is heavier than a marriage. Having a child is a responsibility between two people and no matter what, you have to uphold… that is superior to me than a wedding,” he said.

In the conversation with Doreen Abanema Abayaa for Ghanaweb, he further explained that “I am actually already married. I got married for Green Card in America in 2006 but I never applied”.

He revealed that “I just left America and came and so I am still illegally married in America. It was just about papers.”

Sharing his thoughts about marriage, Wanlov says a union between a man and a woman doesn’t feel normal to him. “I don’t think I will dedicate my life to one person and be like in a marriage. I can’t, it doesn’t feel normal to me,” he said.