Getting To This Point Is A Miracle – DJ Krowbar Shares Update On Wife’s Health


DJ Krowbar shares update on his wife’s health days after appealing for support. Kenyan veteran entertainer DJ Krowbar has provided an update on his wife’s health.

Taking to TikTok on August 9, he shared a glimpse of his wife’s hospital room and shared the emotional impact of seeing her on a life support machine.

Krowbar’s wife, Wanjiru Karumba, has been bravely fighting kidney failure. The TV host had previously made a public appeal, asking Kenyans for assistance in raising funds for her medical expenses.

In the video he posted, DJ Krowbar revealed that although he had taken numerous pictures and videos of his wife during her illness, he had not mustered the courage to share them on social media.

“I have taken so many videos and photos of my wife and not having the courage to post or share them. Seeing my wife on this life-saving machine for all this time does something to you…” he wrote.

Despite the emotional toll of his wife’s health battle, DJ Krowbar emphasised that his faith in God had remained steadfast.

He shared hopeful news, stating that his wife was on the road to recovery

“Truth is God has been faithful. Getting to this point where the end is in sight is a huge miracle to us!” he added.

Towards the end of the video, DJ Krowbar had a heartwarming surprise for his multitude of fans and well-wishers.

The video concluded with his wife, Wanjiru, sitting on her hospital bed, radiating positivity as she slowly enjoyed an apple. She smiled and posed for the camera, while her husband leaned in to give her a kiss.

The video touched the hearts of many, and the comments section was filled with messages of love, encouragement, and well-wishes. Netizens praised the couple for their strength and resilience during this challenging journey.

Wanjiru Karumba was diagnosed with kidney failure two years ago and has been battling the condition ever since.