Ghanaian actress plans to stop fornication


Ghanaian actress and socialite, Tracey Boakye has disclosed she wants to settle down as a married woman and stop fornicating.

She said this as a guest on the recent edition of the celebrityprofiling TV show, ‘Atuu’.

The mother of two children concludes that her supreme purpose presently is to settle down as a wife. Although, her truth is yet to bedisclosed.

Her son is understood to be the son of a prominent footballer, Yahya Mohamed.

It will be recalled that she had mentioned in interviews that her secret lover is highly respectable and influential.

This she said will help her abstain from fornication.

She said, “What else again do I want in this world? I have acquired all it takes to live a successful life. The only thing left is for me to get married so I can stop fornicating.”

She accepted the name, ‘Hisonlychick’ given to her by her unnamedlover.