Ghanaian Artist , Kojo Antwi hints at name change in 2023


Ghanaian legendary musician, Kojo Antwi, also known as “Mr. Music Man,” has disclosed plans to change his name as part of rebranding.

In an interview with Roselyn Felli, the legendary musician indicated that his name, “Kojo Antwi,” might be changed coming year for reasons he prefers to keep close to his heart in the meantime.

Having been in the music industry for decades, he believes there is more to be done to improve his music career, hence the need to re-brand and give more of himself for music lovers.

“Next year we will be pursuing something else. There is a change of name coming,” he revealed.

Even though he might change the name, he said, “I can always go back and tap into it, but I still believe there’s a lot that I have that is not out there. So the book has other things that come to it. There’s a whole lot coming.”