Ghanaian Chef Fails To Break Cooking Marathon World Record


The Guinness World Records has dismissed Ghanaian chef, Failatu Abdul-Razak who attempted to break the world record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual, her team says.

In January, Failatu Abdul-Razak appeared to have broken the world record after cooking non-stop for more than 227 hours.

The coordinator of Ms Abdul-Razak’s challenge, Kafui Dey, on Sunday, said that her attempt at breaking the record “unfortunately fell short of meeting the stringent guidelines set forth by Guinness World Records”.

“A statement from the Records Management Team cited a violation of the rest break rules, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt.”

Ms Abdul-Razak’s attempt caused widespread excitement across Ghana.

Politicians, including Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia, numerous celebrities and even the Ghanaian military expressed their support for Ms Abdul-Razak throughout the cook-a-thon.

Despite her failed bid, the chef thanked her supporters, saying that their “backing has been instrumental throughout this journey”.