Ghanaian Singer Disagrees Over ‘Breast-Sucking Prevents Cancer’ Claim


Stephanie Benson, a renowned Ghanaian singer based in the UK, has voiced her dissatisfaction with the misconception that breast cancer can be prevented by breast-sucking.

She unequivocally refuted this notion, underlining the absence of scientific evidence to support the idea that men sucking women’s breasts has any preventive impact on breast cancer.

In a recent interview, Stephanie Benson expressed her frustration with the persistent prevalence of this myth, emphasizing its lack of scientific validity and the importance of not taking it seriously.

“I get very angry when I hear it. I joke all the time on my page. We need to stop it; there are certain things you just don’t mess with. Whoever started that narrative needs to stop it. It’s never true [sucking breasts prevent breast cancer]. How can it be? If you say sexual pleasure sucking, how?” she questioned.

She urged the public to reject this narrative, emphasizing the need for empirical proof. Furthermore, she highlighted the critical issue of consent, pointing out that some women might feel pressured into allowing breast-sucking, even if they do not wish to, which she strongly condemned.