Ghanaian Socialite Hajia 4Reall Is Promiscuous, I Didn’t Teach Her Fraud – Luvman Allison speaks


Luvman Allison, estranged husband of Ghanaian socialite Mona Montrage also known as Hajia 4Reall, has opened up about the circumstances that led to his relationship with the socialite.

In a detailed statement, Allison addressed the allegations against him during Mona’s recent trial in the US and provided insights into their relationship dynamics.

Allison recounted their initial meeting and the factors that contributed to their eventual breakup, attributing it to Mona’s promiscuous lifestyle, which included involvement with a musician who was his friend.

“Mona and I met through a mutual friend during my stay in America. As a proud Ghanaian, I welcomed most fellow Ghanaians who were visiting for holidays. I was unaware of her status and reputation in Ghana at that time. Mona and I grew close as she confided in me about her life and her ambitions.

“I admired her determination to improve herself and leave behind her fast-paced lifestyle,” Allison explained in the statement shared by Gossip24.

He continued, “During her visit to the States, we became even closer, and I empathised with her as I had my own difficult experiences, including an arrest in 2010 during my youth.”

Allison, however, denied Mona’s claims that he lured her into romance scams, stressing that their relationship ended due to her promiscuity.

“I have never been involved in romance fraud or wire fraudulent schemes. Our relationship was troubled, partly due to warnings about Mona’s promiscuous lifestyle.

“Despite this, we welcomed our beautiful daughter. However, our relationship deteriorated further when Mona’s involvement with an artist, who was also a friend of mine, led us to part ways in November 2017,” he stated.

Mona, who was recently sentenced to a year and a day in prison for a romance scam in the US, had accused Allison of coercing her into fraudulent schemes and being abusive during their relationship.

However, Allison maintained his innocence and desired to handle the matter privately. “I want to deal with these issues privately for the sake of our daughter,” he added.

The revelations come amid ongoing public interest in Mona’s legal troubles and personal life following her sentencing a few days ago.