“Ghanaian Women Like Nigerian Men, Lack Of Option Makes Them Marry Their Men” – Hilda Baci


Popular Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci, has sparked controversy with her comments comparing Nigerian and Ghanaian men in a podcast that has gone viral.

She claimed that Ghanaian women, deep down, desire to settle with Nigerian men rather than their Ghanaian counterparts.

The former Guinness World Record breaker, said in all certainty, that Ghanaian men might not ever get married, should there be an influx of Nigerian men in the country.

“Ask 20 Ghanaian women if they will marry Ghanaian men. Put Nigerian men and Ghanaian men side by side and see who they will pick. Ghanaian women marry Ghanaians because that is what is in their forefront. When we send some Nigerian men to Ghana, the men over there, won’t get wives,” she blatantly stated during a discussion with some UK Ghanaian men.