Ghanaian Youths Are Not Actively Pursuing Career-Impacting Endeavours, Says Habiba Sinare


Ghanaian actress Habiba Sinare has shared her perspective on the obstacles confronting the youth, attributing part of the problem to a lack of diligence among them.

She pointed out that many young Ghanaians are not actively pursuing career-impacting endeavours, choosing instead to focus on social media trends.

Sinare remarked that the government under President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is making strides to address various issues and should not be held solely accountable for the youth’s predicament.

During her appearance on the United Showbiz program broadcasted on UTV, Sinare called on the youth to take their lives more seriously.

“There is no way anyone will take the youth of Ghana seriously. We have sold our future and are more concerned about our online presence. Some people are pushing, but the youth of Ghana are not pushing. Just a few people are serious.

“If the president provides jobs for the youth, some of us will still be lazy. We are too comfortable and always blaming the government. Do you want the president to give you money? We should stand up for ourselves and stop insulting people when they express their views on certain issues,” she said.

Recent economic challenges have prompted protests from some young Ghanaians, signalling a call for attention to these issues.