Ghanaians Have Taken Grammy As World Cup, Even Bob Marley Never Won It – Wendy Shay


Ghanaian songstress Wendy Shay has expressed the view that winning a Grammy award should not be the sole measure of a musician’s success.

While acknowledging the prestige associated with winning a Grammy, Wendy Shay emphasized that the impact of an artist’s songs on people’s lives should take precedence over personal accolades.

In an interview with Giovanni Caleb on the Showbiz 360 program aired on TV3, Wendy Shay noted that some Ghanaians treat the Grammy awards as if it were the World Cup, and she urged people to manage their expectations.

She highlighted that music is a powerful force and cited examples of legendary musicians like Bob Marley and Tupac, who never won Grammy awards but remain influential in the history of music.

“I feel like when our Ghanaian brothers hear of something like this they should manage their expectations because they take it as a world cup. I feel like music is bigger than all of these things. I am not downplaying that fact [Grammy being the biggest award in music].

“It is good to be recognized I mean we will all be happy if one day God willing we should win but that should not be the end of the world if it happens,” she said while speaking in an interview with Giovanni Caleb on the Showbiz 360 programme aired on TV3.