Ghanaians Love Political Parties More Than The Wellbeing Of The Country – Kofi Kinaata


Ghanaian music star Kofi Kinaata has voiced his apprehension regarding the prevailing political mindset among Ghanaians.

According to him, many Ghanaian citizens prioritise their loyalty to political parties to the detriment of the country’s well-being.

The Confessions hitmaker lamented the current situation in the country is making it difficult for people to voice their concerns about ongoing challenges for fear of being attacked and wrongly labelled with political affiliations.

“Over the years, we have been sweet-talked to by politicians in this country, but nothing happens, and there is no change. For me, I’ve given up,” Graphic Online quoted him as saying.

He elaborated on the challenges of addressing issues due to the deep-rooted partisan divide.

“The people are making things difficult, so we cannot address issues because someone thinks he is for party A, so whatever you’re saying goes against party A, so don’t say. He is for party B, so he will still stand for his party even if he’s dying. People tend to love their party more than the country, so everything is in a mess.”

Kinaata’s remarks highlight the concerning trend of excessive partisan loyalty, which often overshadows the broader national interests and hinders constructive dialogue on pressing issues.

Despite being approached by various political figures, including members of the Movement for Change, the vocal rapper revealed that he has no intention of entering politics.