Ghana’s Gospel Music Industry Is Full Of Hypocrisy – Patience Nyarko


Ghanaian gospel singer, Patience Nyarko, has criticized her fellow gospel musicians and industry players for opposing Nathaniel Bassey’s recent advice to Ghanaian gospel artists.

In response to the backlash from some Ghanaian gospel musicians, including Celestine Donkor, Patience Nyarko expressed her frustration with what she perceived as hypocrisy within the gospel music fraternity.

She recalled addressing a similar issue four years ago, encouraging her colleagues to focus on singing in their preferred languages, emphasizing that the calling of gospel musicians is not about language but their commitment to their craft.

Nyarko, however, questioned the inconsistency of her fellow musicians, noting that she faced criticism, including negative comments from media personality Abeiku Santana, when she raised the same concerns in 2019.

She accused those who criticized her of being hypocritical for opposing Nathaniel Bassey’s advice now.

She also pointed out that even Nigerians might not be interested in listening to Ghanaian gospel musicians’ English songs.

In a Facebook live session, she said, “I was expecting him (Abeiku Santana) to have done better, but he came out to say things I can’t even say to him or his kid. So why are you guys now fighting Nathaniel Bassey? Don’t you agree with him now? Have you seen that you guys are hypocrites? Have you seen what God is doing to you? You have been disgraced.”

It would be recalled that Nathaniel Bassey, a Nigerian gospel music star, had suggested during a concert in Accra that Ghanaian gospel musicians should produce more songs in English to reach a global audience.