Hajia Bintu issues apology after receiving backlash over ‘kayan mata’ advert


Ghanaian socialite, Haija Bintu has received heavy backlash from Netizens advertising a love spell products she named as ‘fuck n stay’, ‘love & pay’ and ‘attraction to richman’ , describing her as negative influence on the youth.

Actor Prince David Osei commenting on the viral.video said “why should anyone in the right senses promote sale of charms and voodoo to hypnotize people, on social media, come on now!!”

“No wonder most young ladies now shy away from hard work but prefer doing hook ups and getting paid! Sad generation,” he concluded.

Media journalist, Afia Pokua also commented on the video stating that “Dear Min of Information & Communication, please, I know our constitution guarantees Freedom of Expression but where it is used to encourage girls to use “Fuck &Stay” and “Attraction to Rich Men” instead of encouraging girls to work hard and create their wealth like our Okaishie and Makola women does it not become dangerous to the nation?

In some countries like UAE, such content is blocked to protect NATIONAL VALUES AND PUBLIC POLICY. I know she may be doing it to survive but can we guide her because our children are on social media ohhhh”.

Responding to the backlash, Hajia Bintu has issued an apology. In a post shared on her snapchat account, she said “I want to take this opportunity to apologize to all. I promote products for various brands and this time my management team and I, were negligent in accessing the effects of marketing products that a vendor brought to us.

In the screenshot of the post below, she concluded that “I have no intentions to attract such “out of line” effects on the General Public, myself and my brand. I am sincerely sorry for this act”