He Has A Special Place In My Heart’ – Ava Peace Praises Fellow Singer


Ugandan singer, Ava Peace has reserved a special spot for Mudra Viral in her heart.

According to Peace, Mudra did most of the dirty work that helped kickstart her music career.

“He has a special place in my heart,” said Ava Peace while appearing on UBC TV recently.

“For all the people I’ve met in life, he’s the only man I would say made a sacrifice to see me thrive. I started working with Mudra during COVID when everyone was struggling. He never had a lot of money but he just believed in me… Most of the people I had been working with had abandoned me.”

The Whiskey hitmaker said she did more projects with Mudra than she had done with anyone else in a short time. They did four projects before she started working with Jeff Kiwa.

“I don’t know how to explain but one thing I can say is that Mudra has a special place in my heart… because he’s like a brother [who’ll tolerate my shortcomings]… that’s how special he is,” she said. “I love him so much… I really appreciate all the work that you did for me and may the Almighty Allah bless you.”

Ava Peace, however, denied reports that the two are romantically involved.

Mudra D. Viral helped Ava Peace break out as a singer when he penned Shabada which they sang together. The song was produced by Don at Axtra Nation and the visuals were shot by Grate Make Films.

The crooner, whose real name is Alfa Ssebunya, had promised to write her a hit song after graduating from Makerere University where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences.

However, after completing school, Jeff Kiwa, whom she met before Mudra, had also promised to support her music career and since this year began, he has been very involved in her career.