How Ghanaian Ex-Partner Allegedly Lured Hajia4Reall Into Fraud – Lawyer


Lawyer to social media influencer and musician Mona Faiz Montrage popularly known as Hajia4 Reall has revealed that her estranged Ghanaian ex-partner reportedly lured her into fraudulent activities in the U.S.

In the shocking revelation, documents submitted to the court by Hajia4Reall’s legal team alleged that her ex-partner, Luvman Allison, used her accounts to receive money from unknown individuals, involving her in fraudulent activities without her full knowledge.

According to Elenor Fast, Hajia4Reall’s lawyer, Luvman Allison had been sustaining himself through fraud while on probation after a previous arrest by the US government.

The court documents detail how Luvman deceived Hajia4Reall, into believing they were in a genuine relationship, only to exploit her trust and involve her in his financial schemes.

The documents also revealed that Luvman convinced Mona to allow funds to be deposited into her accounts, which he then instructed her to withdraw or transfer on his behalf.

The documents to the court noted that Luvman claimed he could not use his accounts due to legal constraints imposed by his probation status.

“At a point in our relationship, he would ask me to allow him to receive some funds through my accounts and later ask me to withdraw it.

“Sometimes, he would ask me to transfer it to a business partner in Ghana on a few occasions,” Mona explained in her statement.

Mona admitted that despite knowing the wrongful nature of these activities, she continued to assist Luvman out of fear for her safety and that of her daughter.

She, however, regretted her involvement, stating, “What I did was against the values that I came to America with and that I told myself I would live by.”

The court document further indicates that Luvman employed similar tactics with other individuals, using their accounts to facilitate his schemes.illjl