How I Discovered I Had Vitiligo Minutes Before Show Kenyan Gospel Singer Reveals


Renowned Kenyan musician, Janet Otieno, celebrated for her soulful tunes and powerful performances, recently opened up about one of the most challenging moments in her life.

The ‘Napokea Kwako’ crooner shared the deeply personal story during a phone interview on Radio 47’s ‘Maskani 47’ show, revealing how she discovered she was suffering from Vitiligo just moments before gracing the stage for a performance.

Janet Otieno recounted the distressing incident when she noticed a peculiar spot on her skin while preparing for a performance backstage.

In front of a mirror, getting the final touch-ups on her makeup, she observed a white patch on her face. Attempting to rub it away proved futile, leading her to a private space for closer inspection. The realisation struck her – it was Vitiligo.

Despite the shock, Otieno decided to push through with her scheduled performance, determined to deliver an unforgettable show for her audience.

Little did she know that this discovery would mark the beginning of a challenging journey.

Speaking about that crucial moment, Janet Otieno shared, “I had to perform and kill the show, but the next day, things got worse. Things got worse in the morning, and I cannot forget that day.”

Janet Otieno admitted that the discovery of Vitiligo plunged her into a state of depression.

The rapid spread of the condition over her face, chest, and hands within just two weeks intensified the emotional burden. It became a pivotal moment, affecting not only her physical appearance but also her mental well-being.

The artist emphasised the gravity of the situation, stating, “I have never forgotten about that moment because it was the beginning of a lot of stress. I was even depressed because, in just two weeks, it had spread all over my body.”

During this period, she refrained from releasing new music and avoided sharing photos on social media.

The artist reflected on the introspective journey she underwent, emphasising that those close to her might have noticed the subtle withdrawal. Realising the severity of her condition, Janet Otieno sought medical attention outside the country.

Venturing beyond local healthcare options, she embarked on a journey to find effective treatment for Vitiligo. Fortunately, her efforts paid off, and she eventually found a solution that led to healing.

“It took about three to five years to completely get rid of Vitiligo,” Otieno shared.