How I Saved Eedris Abdulkareem From 50 Cent’s Bouncers – Charly Boy


Charly Boy has shared a mind-blowing ordeal on how he saved singer, Eedris Abdulkareem after he was allegedly beaten up by American rapper, 50 Cent’s bouncers in 2004.

In a recent interview with The Honest Bunch Podcast, Charly Boy shared the gripping story from the past.

According to Charly Boy, the incident unfolded at the airport, and at the time he was having his hair styled at the salon. Recalling the event, he stated that as soon as Abdulkareem called him, he sprung into action.

Charly Boy explained: “Back then if I was walking past the motorcycle park and I waved my hand, all the motorcyclists would follow me. So, I stormed the airport with almost 3000 bikes.” The artist went on to narrate the encounter at the airport involving Eedris Abdulkareem and 50 Cent’s security team.

According to Charly Boy, Eedris Abdulkareem was booked for a show alongside 50 Cent, and the altercation occurred when Eedris sat in the first-class section of the plane, which allegedly led to a confrontation with the rapper’s bouncers. “They beat him up, and they also beat his bouncer who tried to rescue him from them,” Charly Boy recounted.

Fuelled by a sense of justice, Charly Boy said he decided to intervene. “After Eedris narrated his ordeal, I asked where 50 Cent was, and they pointed to an SUV. So I went into the SUV to confront him,” Charly Boy revealed. He described the tension at the airport, with the motorcycle riders creating a visible commotion.

In his confrontation with 50 Cent, Charly Boy said he addressed the rapper directly, expressing his disapproval of the alleged assault on Nigerian artists. “I said to 50 Cent, ‘You are the one beating my people in their own country? You came to Nigeria and you are beating my people,'” Charly Boy asserted.