I Almost Gave Up 6 Hours Into Contest – Nigerian Chef, Hilda Baci Who Cooked 100 Hours Non-stop Reveals


Record-breaking Nigerian chef, Hilda Bassey Effiong, popularly known as Hilda Baci, has shared her remarkable journey and experience during her groundbreaking contest where she shattered the world record by cooking for 100 hours.

In an interview, Hilda expressed the challenges she faced and revealed that she almost gave up just six hours into the competition.

However, with the unwavering support of her mother and brother, she found the strength to persevere and continue her incredible feat.

“I am so grateful to God. I almost gave up in this record-breaking contest six hours after I started last Thursday. I was tired and couldn’t go on, but I was encouraged by my mom who stood by me for 14 hours and gave me strength,” Hilda shared gratefully. “I made it because of your support and my mom who raised seven of us. Dreams do come alive, so hold on to your dreams because they do come true.”

Hilda Baci’s historic achievement took place at Amore Gardens in Lekki, Lagos, where she captivated thousands of spectators with her culinary prowess.

Surpassing the previous record set by Guinness World Record holder Lata Tandon, Hilda accomplished a remarkable 100 hours of non-stop cooking by 8 pm on Monday night.

To extend her cooking marathon and make it a round figure, Hilda announced an extension from 96 to 100 hours, which was met with excitement and support from her best friend.

The atmosphere throughout the contest was filled with anticipation as Hilda approached and surpassed the previous record, marking a significant milestone in culinary history.