“I am about to become the first queen to own a music record labe’-Karungi


An excited Karungi took to social media to trumpet the news to her fans. “It’s about that time I mentor my own artists! Yassss!” she posted on Instagram.

“Your Queen officially owns a music label! …I can’t say much right now ‘cause am rushing out for a press conference but stay tuned !!! And follow the pages below for more information!”

The new record label is called “Karma Music.”

It comes just days to her highly anticipated music battle with another female great, Cindy Sanyu next month.

Cindy just days ago, came out with a scathing critique of Ugandan music labels which she accused of using artist as “slave dolls’

“If you observe properly, these days music labels don’t sign talented artistes, no… there are many good musicians… they sign artistes who can play their game. If you can play their game, they sign you,” she said in an interview.

But having been in the industry for the past 12 years, Karungi says she thought it fit to start teaching other artists through her own experience.

“Thanks for supporting me but now I also want to support the industry in a different way,” she said.

.”A hustler like me who was once a dancer and they said I wouldn’t make it; I left karaoke and joined the Obsessions they said it won’t be possible; even up to now they still say it is impossible but look where I am baby.