“I am not the one that scattered your 100m wedding” Actress Nancy Iheme clap back at Sandra Iheuwa


Nollywood actress, Nancy Iheme has clapped back at Sandra Iheuwa’s claims that she wrecked her marriage to Steve Thompson.

Nancy took to her Instagram story in a now-deleted post, calling Sandra an attention seeker.

She told her to keep looking for who to drag as she isn’t the only one who scattered her 100 million wedding.

Nancy Iheme stated that she can sue both Sandra and her ex-husband, Steve Thompson to prove their claims in court.

Warning her, Nancy told her to stay far from her as she isn’t the one who broke her heart.

“Attention seeker….keep looking for who to drag…no be me scatter your 100 million wedding ooooo. We are not even friends, of course, my name is IHEME NANCY.

You went to marry MTN, and everywhere you go, you are looking for who to tag along with your stupidity…

I can actually Sue you and your Ex, till you bring evidence…m

Thank God you know your ex talks a lot, what makes you think he has gone down with me???

Do you know how many celebrities he once told me he had things with?

Including your close friend, am not you that went and opened legs for him, (am not loose). I still can’t phantom why you are dragging me. I don’t even know you with this man in question. Stay away from me no be me break your heart this girl.

A not gonna speak on this issue again because you are not worth it trust me.

Go and lick your wounds and let me be”.