I am proud of my age, you can’t shame me, Kate Henshaw lashes out at trolls


For Kate Henshaw, who turned 50 years old recently,  she feels proud to have attained the golden age as she warned those who try to shame her to desist.

Kate was replying to some people who according to her always come to say old age was fast catching up with her anytime she makes a post that does not align with their sentiments. T

The fitness expert says those who bring her age into conversation should pray to get old in life as she urged them to be original with their constant abuses.

“Anytime you see my tweet that does not agree with your brain alignment, you come with phrases like yeye-brity and old age. Can you please be original with the abuse at least”, he asked.

Speaking further, she said people who are fond of that should know that their words have no effect on her, adding that “you are heaping curse on your head if you keep saying this.”