‘I Breathe Better Than Others’ – Ghanaian Actor Replies Critics


Popular media personality and Kumawood actor Akrobeto has responded to suggestions from critics urging him to consider plastic surgery for his nose, noting that he sees no issue with its size.

On his Real News show on UTV, he addressed comments by Gospel artiste Celestine Donkor, who said she would rather invest in her soul than undergo plastic surgery.

Akrobeto, pointed out some functional benefits of his nose, jokingly claiming it allows him to “breathe more air” than the average person, thus reducing his chances of getting sick or needing oxygen support.

He humorously suggested that he would rather spend money at a local eatery or ‘chop bar’ than on cosmetic surgery.

“You want me to spend money on plastic surgery to reduce my nose. Me? I would rather spend the money at the chop bar.

“I breathe easily… I cannot get sick. I don’t even need oxygen at the hospital. I can breathe in lots of air. My nose doesn’t choke,” he said.

Akrobeto also questioned the value of body modifications, stating that ageing and death are unavoidable for all.