“I Built Two Houses From The Money I Made From Kumawood” – Akrobeto Slams Those Saying ‘There’s No Money In Movies’


Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto, has responded to claims suggesting that the film industry lacks profitability, asserting that those making such statements are ignorant of the reality.

The Ghanaian film business has faced persistent rumors questioning its financial viability, which resurfaced recently after Agya Koo showcased his mansion.

In response, Akrobeto criticized those who propagate these claims, labeling them as uninformed.

“Anyone who says that is ignorant of what goes on in the movie industry. They are not famous and popular, that’s why. It’s the money from acting that I used to build two houses, and I plan to build more for my children. It’s the money from acting because, aside from that, what other job do I do?” Akrobeto stated in an interview with Precise FM.

Furthermore, Akrobeto highlighted his own achievements and those of his colleague, Lilwin, as evidence of the film industry’s financial potential. He urged skeptics to observe the school that Lil Win has established, emphasizing that such an accomplishment is unprecedented in Ghana’s history.

“What job does he do? We should not make such mistakes. If it’s not the money from movies, then where do I get the funds to survive? Any money I earn is either from acting or movie-related work,” Akrobeto added.