“I cheated on my current girlfriend” – Ghanaian Comedian, Kalybos admits


Actor and Comedian, Richard Kweku Asante, known in showbiz as Kalybos, has admitted in a revelation on television that he cheated on his current girlfriend.

The actor in a discussion on Joy Prime told host Doreen Avio that he had previously had an external affair outside of his relationship.

When asked whether he had ever cheated on his partner before, he responded, “Yes. The current one, yes.”

“Oh yes. I am [in a relationship]. I happened to fall into one, and I like where it is. In my line of work, most of my colleagues might not agree with this. But very important you have a relationship; have a single relationship.”

“You meet ladies, new faces all the time, so if you’re picky and are not content with what he has, you might find a lady attractive, but tomorrow trusts me, you’ll find a different lady who’s more than what you saw. It all balls down to you, the guy. Access yourself to know that I need to settle down with one lady, then the rest can follow,” he advised.

However, his confession erupted in loud applause from the studio audience, quite unusual for a man of his candor to admit such an act.

The comic actor believes this will reduce the tendency to break up among partners, adding that he has over the years learned a lot from his female siblings, one of these lessons, he claims, is how to handle and treat ladies.

The filmmaker admonished individuals who wish to settle down to give it careful thought.