“I Didn’t Fake My Death”- Nigerian Rapper Denies Claims


Nigerian street-hop rapper Oladips has refuted popular claims that he faked his death to promote his new album ‘Superhero Adugbo’, blaming it on rapper Qdot.

The frustrated rapper called Qdot out on his Instagram story on November 30 , 2023, stating that they had not spoken in over year before the incident. He then added that speculation on social media was all put together by bloggers and people attempting to cancel him.

“There was never a video or post of me telling Nigerians ‘heyy everyone it’s all a prank ” it was all speculation based on hearsay and clout chasing . blogger’s misleading gullible Nigerians for likes and comments,” his post read.

Oladips stressed that he was fighting for his life during the time it was announced that he passed away, adding that Qdot was the reason it began to look like he faked his death.

“I know there is cruise. There is clout. And then there is truth! Qdot, the reason why you posted ‘My gee is alive’ at a time my family was unsure of my situation is so appalling and uncalled for. I dey where I dey struggle with my life, you dey post ‘My gee is alive.’ Unnecessarily misleading everyone. Made it look like me and you just had a conversation. Bro, I went through it and anything could have happened. The last me and you had any conversation was January 2, 2022. I get proof and I will soon tell the story in full! Cos why una dey always do like this for this industry tori olorun?,” he continued.