I don’t know where to go from here – BBNaija’s Seyi Awolowo


Evicted Big Brother All Stars housemate Seyi Awolowo is now clueless on his next step following his misogynistic comment on the show.

The reality star said this during his post-eviction interview with the show’s host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, speaking about his vile and worrisome comment regarding women. He noted that he does not know what to do following his eviction and ‘where to go from here’ because he has now been blacklisted by brands for his remarks.

Seyi also stressed that he’s hoping for the best and keeping his fingers crossed that everyone would forgive him for his transgressions and that brands would look beyond his statements and work with him again.

He said to Ebuka, “I was trying to hold it together because my remark did not leave my head ever since. What I said was nasty but I am sorry. I don’t even know how I am gonna go from here, because that is the kind of thing that just makes you toxic material for any brand or anybody to partner with. I’m hoping for the best that people would see beyond my humanity and still want to help me out because I’m sure I need a lot of money for my production. I’m looking forward to trying to produce a script I was working on before the house.”

All this comes after he faced serious backlash for his worrisome statements in the house for saying that he would allow his sons to take sexual turns on other people’s daughters.

In his words, “I get shina account for my son, miscellaneous account. I get that account for my son, I will give them the keys to the guest house, they will go run train on people’s daughters. I gave birth to a boy first and he will f**k your daughter. They go come meet me say, Daddy, I need the Benz. I’ll give them the Benz, I’ll give them the key to the guesthouse, they go go run train on people daughter. I’m giving birth to boys and they go dey f**k people daughter.”

His comments were received with rage and displeasure from women, brands, celebrities like Simi, and viewers of the show. He was also strongly condemned by the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency (DSVA).