I fear Nigeria may witness a greater violence soon- Kate Henshaw


Amid growing insecurity and killings dominating the country’s landscape, especially in the South-South and South-East, popular actress Kate Henshaw said she feared there could be grave danger ahead for Nigerians.

Henshaw said she was worried about what Nigerians may face in the coming weeks following the pockets of violence and maiming being witnessed in some parts of the country, adding that government needs to rise to the occasion and save the situation.

With killings, kidnappings erupting on a daily basis, Nigerians are expressing their fears just as celebrities are using their platforms to call on government at all levels to save the country from the brink of collapse.

Henshaw who is also a fitness expert in a tweet she shared on her verified account said violence erupting in some parts of the country could spell doom for the country.

“Why do I have this feeling that the violence erupting in some parts of the country and the rampant insecurity we face is a cover up for something more sinister?”

Asked why she has not been speaking up against the mirage of problems confronting Nigerians, Henshaw said ” we have been speaking up for years yet it falls on deaf ears.”