“I Grew Up In A Polygamous Family With 3 Wives, 10 Children”- Nigerian Singer Teni


Nigerian singer Teniola Apata popularly known as Teni the Entertainer has revealed that she grew up in a polygamous family with 3 wives and 10 children but had all the love and care from home.

Teni, in an interview with Zero Conditions podcast shared her experience growing up in a polygamous household. She also discussed why, in her future life, she would still prefer to be raised in a polygamous household.

She, however, praised her late father for maintaining harmony in the family, stressing that because of her siblings, she was well-protected and could not suffer harm.

The “Malaika” crooner revealed that although there’s a level of closeness, adding that she is close to all her other nine siblings.

“I grew up in a polygamous family with a lot of people so you cannot come and be doing rubbish.

“I was very protected, I was very loved, and I was very well taken care of. 10 children, 3 wives. Big salute to my bloodline. I’m close to all my siblings, but there are levels of closeness.

“I don’t know any other way, it is boring. If I come back to this life again, I want to come back to the same family. How can I be in a house with one mother, and one father? Ah ah, then all of us will now be sitting down there. Ah ah. There’s no chaos.

”In my house there is love, but we change it oh! Cuz ah, the person wey born us dey crase sha. Do you know what it is to hear gunshots and go to where the gunshots are? That’s not normal.

“My father was very wise. It was like he planned his future, and then he planned his death. So before he died, his wives knew about everything. He taught them everything one of my mothers knows how to shoot. He taught them how to be and when he passed, they used the skill. That’s how our family was still able to be intact even after my dad passed.”