“I have a son, his name is Dawson” Davido beams with pride as he speaks on his other son


Award-winning singer, Davido, expressed his pride as a father and spoke affectionately about his three children in a recent interview.

While mourning the loss of his first son, Ifeanyi, late last year, Davido revealed that he has another son who resides in London. This was the first time he publicly acknowledged his child from the UK.

When discussing his daughters, Davido described his daughter Hailey as a true reflection of his late mother. He expressed how it felt like his mother’s spirit had been reborn in Hailey, highlighting the strong resemblance between them.

Additionally, Davido shared that he named both of his daughters in honor of his mother. He explained, ” I named both of my daughters part of my mother.

Hailey, my second daughter, is the exact replica of my mother. It’s like she came in her.

I have a son too like Ifeanyi has a little brother. He is in London right now, his name is Dawson”.