“I have not been sexually harassed” – Actress, Caroline Igben


Flourishing movie actress, Caroline Igben who starred in numerous skits has said that she has not been sexually victimized in Nollywood industry.

While speaking in an interview, content creator Caroline Igben said:

“I have not been sexually harassed. If you are to count offers of being ask to go for lunch or dinner after an audition, I have gotten such offers”.

Repeating her experience in Nollywood, the graduate of theatre arts explained she believed being gorgeous and talented would get her roles in Nollywood. Igben added that Nollywood humbled her.

“I studied theatre arts and I thought coming out would be easy for me .I said to myself ‘I am fine, talented and sound okay’ But then it was such a reality check when I got in and I realized there are too many people with all these qualities. The industry has humbled me.I am humbled that is all I can say”.

By Damilola Olufemi