“I have nothing to do with single mother nor married woman” – Moyo Lawal


Voluptuous actress, Moyo Lawal has stated that she has nothing against single mothers or married women after fans criticised her over an Instagram post.

Recently, the actress had taken to her verified Instagram page to declare that she might decide to become a single mother due to loneliness because doing the right thing has no reward. Her post read, “This sleeping alone thing I don’t understand it anymore, I might become a single mother because doing the right thing has no reward.

In a bid to clear the misconception that trailed her statement, Moyo said “ I am correcting a few wrong assumptions. Marriage is beautiful and challenging. I grew up with both of my parents, a few of my closest friends are married and my younger sister is also married. However, I never understood married women who slut-shame single ladies when in reality we know how some (married) women still have sex with other people despite the vows they made. It’s the audacity of their hypocrisy for me. How dare you judge another woman when we all know how tough this life is for every woman.

“How can anyone mock a single mother? Is it easy to raise a child not to talk of raising a child alone? I am not even talking about the financial responsibility yet, what about the trauma? I think that single mothers should be awarded because it is not easy. What I am running from is raising kids. I love to be in love and being loved, and that is why I am yet to be married because I am a huge lover girl. I could starve because of love, or not date anyone for two years because I am trying to heal.”

Single mothers making waves in entertainment industry

“I am a firstborn child, ‘an assistant parent’, so I understand why I have been running away from that responsibility. Raising kids is hard, and anyone doing it deserves to be awarded every day. My opinion is that, don’t bring other people down for something you’re guilty of just because you sin differently. Loyalty is easy for some of us, it’s raising the kids that terrifies us. I see some of my friends do it and I am in awe of their strength because for me, I just want to watch cartoons and eat,” the actress added.”