I no longer feel uncomfortable with the number of men I slept with – Abena Korkor


Ghana’s socialite, Abena Korkor Addo has been protecting the names of men she dropped for allegedly sleeping with her.

According to the former TV3 presenter, she has not been lying about the names of men she puts out there on social media.

Some of the names she mentioned include Lexis Bill, Giovani Caleb, Stonebwoy, Kennedy Osei, Kojo Yankson and a host of others on her ‘hit list’.

Speaking on Kingdom Fm with Fiifi Pratt, she explained she doesn’t put the names out because she wants fame or money. However, she said she doesn’t plan to put the names out. It just happens and also now she can’t tell the difference between her normal life and when she is experiencing her bipolar relapse.

She said, “… I no longer feel shy about stuff anymore. I was on Adom FM and I was asked how many men have I slept with? A typical Ghanaian woman would not tell you but….it could be that…right now if I am relapsing I can’t tell and sometimes when I am normal I can’t tell because it becomes your way of life. I don’t know how to differentiate between the two. Sometimes people say it’s intentional but five minutes before the thing happens I had not planned to,” she said about the name mentioned.

“I am not saying what I have been saying is a lie but you can see that I am not organised properly.”

Abena Korkor is known for periodically dropping names of men she allegedly slept with. Most of them include known and prominent politicians, media and showbiz personalities and football stars.

According to her, she slept with about 100 of these men.