‘I sneaked into studio to record ‘Try Me’; my team didn’t know’ – Sarkodie


Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has revealed that his management team were not aware of his diss song to actress Yvonne Nelson.

According to the award-winning musician, he had to sneak into the studio to record the song ‘Try Me’ on the blind side of his team.

Speaking on the Way Up Show with Yee Show in the U.S, Sarkodie said he did that because it wanted to express himself without anyone interfering.

“I sneaked into the studio to even record this. I mean nobody heard it because I didn’t want to hear any advice. I just literally wanted to do what I felt at that time and face the consequences later on,” the rapper said.

“It wasn’t like the whole team sat down and said this was good to go. I did it personally for myself. I had a lot of phone calls after.”

Sarkodie came under the spotlight when he responded to Yvonne Nelson’s damning revelations in her book – I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.

In the book, she narrated how she got pregnant for the rapper, disclosing that he asked her to abort the baby because he wasn’t ready.