I survived wolves – Hellen Lukoma on getting married early


Hellen Lukoma said she doesn’t regret marrying early. Speaking to Lukoma on Galaxy TV, Mr. Henrie told her that getting married early had helped her evade “wolves.”

“I survived,” said Lukoma who in 2019 got married to her former manager Anwar Kaka with whom they have two children.

Lukoma, who got a Muslim name Hela after getting married, said that Kaka knew what he wanted and she had also been through it so it making the decision wasn’t hard for her.

Mr. Henrie teased her that Kaka’s money, which even saw her acquire a Range Rover, could have influenced her.

“There are people who give something and get nothing… You may question how I got it but I’ve worked for it,” she said, clarifying that by the time they got married, he hadn’t acquired the Range Rover.

She also said that her husband usually sneers at negative comments people subject her to, especially about her skimpy outfit.

“Do you want me to go on stage in a Gomesi?” she said.