I twerk to feed my son – Kuapem Poloo


Kuapem Poloo is not about to stop twerking on social media though she has repented in other ways ever since her conviction.

According to the Ghanaian extrovert, twerking has become her source of livelihood and if she stops she will not be able to feed her son.

“I hear people are saying that Poloo has come back to twerk. When did I go for a break? Do we go for a break from twerking?” she said.

In a video, she continued that “you want to take my livelihood away from me? How will I look after my son if I stop twerking?” and expanded that a company has even come to employ her as brand’s influencer because of her twerks.

“Do you think if it’s not the twerking or the growing and the energy, will they come? I am not going to stop twerking pls I beg you. If you don’t know how to twerk, don’t insult me. Come and learn or watch,” she stated.