“I wake up everyday apologising to my child for having you as a sperm donor” Tonto Dikeh calls out “deadbeat” ex Churchill


Tonto Dikeh has slammed her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill for posting their son on his birthday to give the impression he is trying to be in the child’s life.

Churchill and Tonto’s son King Andre turned 7 yesterday, Feb. 17, and Churchill posted a photo to wish Andre a happy birthday.

In the caption, he said he misses his son and hopes to see him soon.

This led to comments from social media users sympathising with Churchill and begging Tonto to let him see his son.

Tonto then hit back and claimed Churchill has made no efforts to see their son or contribute to his upbringing yet he comes on social media to give a different impression.

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She accused him of using their son to chase clout. She then asked why he doesn’t also post his daughter from his first marriage.

She added that Churchill is just a sperm donor and she regrets choosing him as one for her son.

She also revealed that despite being divorced for years, when her mother died, Churchill found a way to get her number to send her a message, but he has not tried to find a way to be involved in their son’s upbringing.

She also reiterated that Churchill never contributed financially when they were married and that he cheated on her with his current wife Rosy Meurer while they were still married. She doubled down on her claim that he is into “Yahoo”.

She also called him out for calling her son a different name in his birthday post. She then accused him of stealing her son’s name “King Churchill” to give to his son with Rosy.

She added that when he has a daughter,  she wonders if he will name her “King Tonto” too.