“I Was In A Dark Place, Broke & Can’t Afford To Visit My Parents” – Kenyan TV Producer


Jalango’s baby mama, Cheptoek Boyo, embraces the Christmas season with a heart full of gratitude, reflecting on the challenging moments that shaped her journey.

In an Instagram post on December 25, she opens up about the struggles she faced during the previous Christmas, highlighting the financial hardships and the resilience that brought her to a place of abundance in 2023.

Cheptoek Boyo candidly shares her experience of last Christmas, describing it as a period of darkness and financial turmoil.

Struggling with a lack of funds, she recalls being unable to visit her parents during the festive season.

Despite being employed, delayed payments and financial setbacks left her feeling broke and burdened with debt from loan apps.

“Merry Christmas! Early today morning God reminded me of a promise I made to Him a year ago and I have to be obedient. I was in a dark place last Christmas holidays, I was broke and couldn’t afford to go visit my parents during the festive season.

“That is when I realised you can somehow have money and be broke at the same time. For about five months my main job had not paid me so writing stories for the newspaper was relegated to a side job,” she wrote.

Determined to overcome her financial challenges, Cheptoek fully committed to her production company, engaging in PR work and launching her site, Buzz Central, as her primary source of income.

However, payment delays and broken promises from clients added to her financial woes. The Christmas season in 2022 arrived, and Cheptoek found herself in a dire situation, with little money, mounting debts, and unmet promises.

“I ventured fully into my production company, doing PR and my new site Buzz Central as my main source of income. I had done some production jobs for individuals who promised to pay me by a certain date but they kept postponing, the PR Campaigns I had done I had to wait for 90 days to be paid and for journalism, I was still waiting for the 5-month payment.

“December 2022 checks in I was flat broke, I had borrowed money from some loan apps and they were on my case (don’t do it), the guys I had done productions for were now not picking up my calls,” she wrote.

Facing the harsh reality of her circumstances, Cheptoek made a desperate plea to God during a fast, questioning the challenges she was enduring despite her hard work.

In a moment of vulnerability, she made a promise to share her story if God helped her out of the difficult situation.

Fast forward to 2023, and Cheptoek Boyo reflects on the transformation in her life. With an attitude of gratitude, she expresses contentment and joy during the current Christmas season.

The year has been marked by divine grace, allowing her to rise above the hardships and experience a newfound sense of abundance.

In her message, Cheptoek encourages those facing similar challenges to trust in God and persevere through hard times.