I was physically assaulted by my ex – Former BBN housemate, Alexx


Former big brother Naija housemate, Alex Asogwa popularly known as Alex Unusual, has amazed many as she disclosed she was once proposed to.

In a lengthy post on her Instagram page, she revealed that she turned down the proposal because the man physically assaulted her.

Alex said her ex-lover would always beat her at minor provocation and would blame his behavior on how he was brought up.

She recalled how she once posted a photo of herself wearing his shade, due to the black eye she had from assault and everyone praying for her kind of life, not knowing she was suffering in silence.

She noted the mother of her ex was supporting his behavior as she would always warn Alex not to annoy him.

Read her post below:

I almost got married last year. I mean, I was proposed to but I chose me. I chose life.

How can I be with someone that hits me?. He always tried to show the world that we had a perfect relationship but I had a black eye and wore his expensive shades to cover it up. I can remember my caption when I posted that picture “Rich and getting it”. I had comments like “show us the way, cut soap for me, you are the fashionista “. My dear, your fashionista was covering her shame.

I could have chosen to stay with him but, won’t my children have to constantly watch their mum being hit? What kind of effect will it have on them? Will they be traumatized? Will they become bullies? Will they learn to hurt others?

There are relationships where people are free to be happy. I wanted that. I wanted a happy family so, I sacrificed my unhealthy relationship before I sealed it. I saw the signs and did what I had to do on time.

Andre’s mother is also a bully. She will constantly tell me to treat her son like a king so he won’t get upset and hit me.

He will hit me for disagreeing with him, for complaining about his late nights, for smiling for too long, for not making fresh meals three times a day, for wanting to go out with friends.

In as much as he blames his character on his upbringing. “I was bullied in school, that’s why I hate being talked back at, my dad made me an angry child, I’m a Leo and you are aquarium abi asparagus (whatever he calls it). The Zodiac sign excuses being an animal.

He is an adult now and should know what’s wrong and right. He is so rich but wealth doesn’t guarantee health.

All these were words from Udochi during our conversation last week. I understand where she is coming from. Society is blaming her for still being unmarried, and social media trolls are bullying as usual but I respect her decision.

Choose you and your future today. Do not let your children become monsters because you chose to be with a monster. That’s if you’ll be alive to see your children after such a decision. Leave unhealthy relationships. Don’t be with a bully. #saynotobullying #saynotodomesticviolence

By Damilola Olufemi