I wrote my hit song ’16 Years’ in a Taxi — MzBel tells her story


Ace Ghanaian songstress, Belinda Ekuah Amoah, popularly known as MzBel has said she wrote her hit song, ’16 Years’ in a Taxi.

In an interview on 3Music, MzBel said she was riding in a Taxi when she heard a conversation on the radio about the girl child and rape by Maame Dokono.

“I was in a taxi when I came up with the lyrics. I used to stay with a lot of girls from James Town, so I watched how they talked and the way they behaved. And Maame Dokono was always on the radio talking about rape, so we were in a taxi one day and we were listening to Maame Dokono and I was watching how people were reacting to the stories and I came up with the song ’16 years,” she stated.

The 43-year-old stated, “So I started writing in the taxi and when I got home, I built on it and that was it.”