“If I am not guilty then someone has been telling the public a big lie”-Sophia Momodu


Sophia Momodu refuses to be silenced in the face of criticism and has responded to a critic who attacked her over her dispute with Davido.

After being called toxic and accused of preventing her daughter from seeing Davido, the mother of one decided to address the individual’s comments head-on. Sophia replied, expressing her disagreement with the accusations made against her.

“Your judgment is excessive. You are preventing a person from seeing his child, and yet you accuse me of being toxic. If you want to be a good mother, it shouldn’t be like this. Let your daughter experience the love of her father,” Sophia responded.

Sophia further stated that if she is not guilty of the accusations, then someone, most likely Davido, has been spreading falsehoods to the public. She emphasized that if she is indeed guilty, then she accepts the label of being toxic, as she believes every child deserves the presence of their father in their life.

Challenging the critic, Sophia questioned whether he would allow himself to be deceived and have his intelligence manipulated by others.

“You’re absolutely right. If indeed I’m guilty of this then it is very “toxic” as every child deserves to have their father in their life. But if NOT then someone has been telling the general public big big lies.

G boy, are you going to allow whoever it is lie to you & play with your intelligence anyhow? If I were you I wouldn’t take it”.