If I become a side-chic, I’ll snatch your man forever- Reality TV Star, Mercy Eke warns.

Nigerian Reality TV star, Mercy Eke has caused a massive stir online with one of her recent video in which she shared her opinion on the effects of ‘side-chicks’ in relationships.
Mercy Eke, while speaking on a popular podcast known as FranklySpeaking, said she is not dating any married man but if she’d ever stoop low to become a side-chick to a married man, she will definitely snatch the man from his wife.
In her words;
I have never been a side-chick. I will be a wife and I will also try to be a side-chick to my husband. I am not dating any married man but if I go that low to be a side-chick, I’m taking your husband
In related news, it would be recalled that Mercy Eke created fears in her fans and lovers as she shared a cryptic post pouring out her anger.
Taking to Snapchat to vent out, Mercy Eke revealed that she hates her life.
She noted the popular saying that “Money isn’t everything”.
“Money isn’t everything….I hate this life”.
In another post, Mercy Eke blew out as she warns her fans about manipulative, narcissist and unaware psychopaths.
She added that when she is upset she eats.
“I eat when I’m upset…my happiness could come from the other side?.
Beware of manipulator, narcissist, unaware psychopaths”.
This has left many worried at what the reality star could be passing through.