IK Ogbonna Calls Out Alex Ekubo for Sharing Private Chats Online


Nollywood actor Ikechukwu (IK) Ogbonna has taken to social media to call out his friend, Alex Ekubo, for sharing their private chats online.

According to reports, Alex Ekubo had shared screenshots of their chats, which started with a football comment and then progressed to their usual banter. However, Ekubo shared the chats online to ask for confirmation about IK Ogbonna’s primary school education after the latter misspelled a word.

In response, IK Ogbonna expressed his disappointment with Ekubo’s actions and called him out for being a bad friend. He wrote, “You are the worst friend I have had in a long time. Stupid mental ewu.”

It is not clear whether the two actors were joking or if there is a real issue between them. However, the incident has sparked reactions from fans, with many taking sides and sharing their opinions on the matter.

Regardless of the intentions behind the exchange, it serves as a reminder to be careful about what we share online and to always consider the privacy of others, even in jest.