I’m For Ghana Not For Any Political Party Or Ideaolgy” – Rocky Dawuni


Ghanaian Reggae and Highlife artist Rocky Dawuni has urged Ghanaians to set aside their political allegiances when addressing the nation’s issues.

He stressed that the economic difficulties and obstacles cannot be tackled by political parties alone but require a joint effort from citizens and the government. Rocky made it clear that he doesn’t support any specific political party in Ghana and is deeply concerned about the various problems causing suffering among the people.

During an interview, Rocky Dawuni described the current state of the nation as critical, with leaders struggling to provide effective solutions to alleviate the people’s hardships.

“I’m for Ghana and not for any political party or ideology. I think that right now the country is at a crossroads. The country feels almost rather less, like a ship that is really sailing in the biggest storm.

But we don’t have competent captains at the helm to give us a direction as to where we’re going. So what we need is for our leader to come and speak to the people about the concerns that they have. Many people are going through problems,” he said.

He concluded by urging Ghanaians to transcend their political affiliations and collaborate in finding solutions, as he believes that the country’s challenges cannot be resolved by merely aligning with a specific political party.