“I’m getting tired of this whole thing” Drama as Yul Edochie and Judy Austin engage in heated argument online


Nollywood actor Yul Edochie and his wife, Judy Austin, have sparked a buzz on social media as they engage in a heated argument.

The renowned movie star, known for his active presence on Facebook, recently shared a video capturing a tense exchange between him and Judy Austin regarding her excessive phone usage.

In the video, Judy Austin can be seen recording their conversation while Yul reprimands her for not paying attention to him and being absorbed in her phone.

The dispute arose from a disagreement over Judy’s support for one of Yul’s friends who had caused damage to his car.

Yul had entrusted his friend with one of his cars for travel purposes, only to discover that the vehicle had been involved in an accident, without his friend informing him.

Expressing his frustration, Yul questioned why he couldn’t communicate with Judy effectively and why she seemed to take sides with his friend, leaving him upset.

In his caption accompanying the video, Yul pondered over his struggle to have Judy listen to him. He explained that he stumbled upon the recorded video on her phone and decided to share it.

Lamenting the situation, Yul expressed his weariness, stating, “I don’t understand why I cannot talk to Judy, and she’ll listen to me. I’m getting tired of this whole thing. I found this video she made, and I had to post it.”