I’M Not A Practising Christian Or Muslim But I Believe In God -Mr Macaroni


Popular skit maker and actor, Mr Macaroni, has disclosed that despite being brought up in a religious home, he does not practise Christianity or Islam anymore.

The activist opened up about his relationship with religion while speaking on the latest episode of the Talk to B podcast.

He explained, “I was born into a Muslim family, my father is Muslim and my mum is Christian. But the beautiful thing about my family is the fact that my dad is liberal he believes that everyone should be allowed to do what it is they want to do. So far they groom you in the way they feel is right, when they believe that you’re up to age, you can now decide the one you want to do.”

Mr Macaroni clarified that even though he does not practise either religion anymore, he remains a religious person and continues to pray.

He continued, “I practised Islam and Christianity, I believe in God and I pray every day but now I don’t practice any of the religions. I maintain a relationship with God and I see him work through me but it’s just that when I tried practicing the religions, I didn’t find what I was looking for. There is something central that I believe about these religions. I strongly believe that if you can treat every human, no matter how rich or poor, with decency and respect you are good to go.”

The actor also revealed that he lives by what he calls ‘the religion of love and peace’, “When I wake up I always pray to God that ‘anything that I’m going to do that may ruin the life of another person, I don’t want to do it’, and that’s good for me. My religion is the religion of love and peace.'”