I’m Responsible For Coronavirus Pandemic In Kenya -Prophet Owuor Declares


Prophet Dr David Owuor, leader of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church, has stirred controversy and provoked widespread outrage after asserting that he is responsible for bringing the coronavirus to the people.

In an undated video circulating on social media, Prophet Owuor is seen delivering a sermon to a large gathering at an undisclosed location.

The video has caused a stir online, with many expressing shock and disbelief at the bold claims made by the controversial pastor.

In the TikTok video posted by user Clement124, Prophet Owuor can be heard issuing a stern warning to Kenyans not to test him.

He asserts that he has the power to destroy Kenya but has chosen to show them grace instead.

“I am the one who brought the Coronavirus. Look at how many people died at my word. Kenya, don’t try me. If I destroy you, I will destroy you completely. But for now, I am giving you grace,” Owuor declared in the video.

Prophet Owuor’s claims have incited widespread condemnation from Kenyans, who have expressed their frustrations in the comments section of the post.

Some have denounced his statements as irresponsible and dangerous, accusing him of spreading fear and misinformation.

Many expressed disbelief and anger at his assertions, calling for action to be taken against him, while others have criticized him for exploiting people’s fears for his gain.

“This is outrageous! How can someone claim responsibility for a global pandemic that has caused so much suffering and loss of life?” commented one user.

Gabriella God…. please forgive your people. let’s read our Bible and don’t let anyone deceive us

user2927590931752 said “We are saying no to any gospel that doesn’t point us back to the lord God the others we do not recognize

Klebolebo A man born like any other man threatening fellow men as who? I only fear God

MarYAH Nyabogi Nawire said false prophets will all go to hell if they don’t repent. It’s the last days, be very careful with the preachers, some will send you to hell.

Prophet Owuor is no stranger to controversy, having previously made bold claims and predictions that have garnered widespread attention.

His self-proclaimed divine powers and alleged miracles have divided opinion among Kenyans, with some regarding him as a spiritual leader and others dismissing him as a charlatan.