I’m Too Big for That – Yaa Jackson makes remark after Fans feared she drank “Parazone” because of man

Popular Ghanaian actress and singer, Yaa Jackson has reacted to her alleged suicidal attempt flying online.
According to the young actress, many of her followers have been bugging her about the possibility that she drank “parazone” to end her life.
Yaa who responded to a private chat with a close contact messaging her about the rumor, revealed that she was too big to take her life because a man dumped her.
“How could you possibly take parazone because of man. Yaa please enjoy this life very wel and continue with your music career,” wrote the unidentified contact via Snapchat
Yaa quickly responded with an encouraging message, claiming that millions of other men were lined up in her direct messages to take a bite off her “apple.”
“When u done tell me what u heard I am too big for that. Got millions of men in my dM won’t take my life seekof one :)”
Her response came after she sent a concealed file to her contact to prove she did no such thing.