Iranian Authorities Arrest Famous Actress, Taraneh Alidoosti following her criticism of death penalty


Iranian authorities have arrested prominent actress, Taraneh Alidoosti after her criticism of the death penalty in her country.

The actress, who starred in the Oscar-winning film “The Salesman,” had made a post expressing solidarity with an executed protester. Pro-government media said she was accused of “spreading false information.”

According to reports, Alidoosti was detained a week after she made a post on Instagram expressing solidarity with a man executed for alleged involvement in unrest.

”His name was Mohsen Shekari. Every international organization who is watching this bloodshed and not taking action is a disgrace to humanity,” she said in her Instagram post.

Alidoosti’s account was suspended as of Sunday.

According to ISNA, Alidoosti was arrested because she did not provide “any documents in line with her claims.”

The pro-government news agency Tasnim reported that she was detained for “spreading false information and supporting counter-revolutionary circles.”